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External support

We offer an external cooperation solution where you do not have to pay a permanent employee. Even a temporary solution until you find a permanent employee.

External cooperation

If you lack or do not need to fully employ, for example, a quality manager - you can use our external support.

Our person, who is improving his qualifications independently, is available to you when you really need him. Assist with system modifications and related documentation. Performs mandatory internal audit/s. Prepares documents for review by management, etc.

We don´t charge a flat rate, but actual hours we have worked!

Interim specialist

Sometimes you just need a temporary boost to your team.


Or you want a mentor for your new quality manager.


Alternatively, you are looking for an employee and you need to cover the time until you find him and treat your system.

Even in such cases we are able to help!


Based on demand, we are also able to provide other services. Contact us.
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