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Anti-bribery management 



The purpose of the system is to determine under what circumstances and how bribery may occur in the organization and how employees and business partners should respond in such a case.

You demonstrate the surroundings that you are not indifferent to this area and that you have treated it.

The ISO 37001 core standard is designed to help organizations implement and maintain specific measures to help them prevent, detect and address bribery throughout the organization and its business activities.

  • Compliance with legislation

  • Reducing the risk of bribery 

  • Reduction of financial losses

  • Reduction of the time needed to investigate the event

  • Setting up rules / processes so that everyone knows how to behave when dealing with corruption and how to act

  • Increasing the company's credibility and credit

  • Obtaining the contract if the system is a condition on the part of the contracting authority

  • The ability to minimize the impact or the ability to evade from the criminal liability of a legal entity if bribery occurs in the organization

New ISO 37002 standard  provides guidance to organizations on implementing Whistleblowing measures. Areas covered by legislation and the ISO 37001 standard.

The ISO 37301 standard is dedicated to the entire area of compliance .

By introducing the standard, automotive companies will demonstrate that they meet point 5.1.1 of the IATF 16 949: 2016 standard, which requires them to have at least an ABMS policy and to address this issue within the company.

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What do ESG and ISO 9001 have in common?

Both approaches reflect companies' interest in maintaining high ethical standards and transparency in their activities. Companies that follow the principles of ESG and ISO 37001 can improve their reputation, reduce risks and increase competitiveness in the market.

One aspect of ESG that is related to ISO 37001 is governance. Governance refers to the way an organization is managed, including its transparency, accountability and ethics. ISO 37001 helps organizations improve their governance by providing a framework for implementing effective anti-corruption measures at all levels. This reduces the risk of legal, financial and reputational damage caused by corruption and increases stakeholders' trust in the organization.


Another aspect of ESG that can be influenced by ISO 37001 is social. Social refers to the impact of an organization on the people and organizations it interacts with. ISO 37001 supports organizations in upholding human rights and labor standards by preventing engagement in corrupt activities that could harm employees, customers, suppliers or communities. This also contributes to the organization's social responsibility and its positive contribution to society.

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