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Occupational health and safety management



The health and safety system enables organizations to ensure safe and healthy workplaces, prevent accidents at work and damage to health, and also actively improve health and safety performance.

  • Reducing the number of accidents and occupational diseases

  • Increase productivity

  • Improving work ethic

  • Reducing the likelihood of legal costs and compensation

  • Improving insurance risk

  • Evidence of compliance with legal requirements

  • Declaration of care for and towards employees

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Where to report ISO 45001 in ESG reporting?

ISO 45001 can be reported as part of an organization's social and governance (ESG) responsibility.  

ISO 45001 contributes to ESG by:


- Promotes a culture of safety and health in the organization and involves all stakeholders in the OSH management process.

- Improves compliance with legal and other OSH requirements and reduces costs associated with fines, damages and litigation.

- It increases the competitiveness and reputation of the organization in the market and strengthens the trust of customers, investors and other interested parties.

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