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Integrated management system

An integrated management system is a single system designed to manage multiple aspects of an organizations operations in line with multiple standards, such as those for quality, environmental and health and safety management.

I saw some companies with more than one ISO implemented having also OVERDONE SYSTEM DOCUMENTATION. Still don´t know why they don´t gain from the High Level Structure of the ISO standards and don´t integrate their systems and make their documentation system simple and more user-friendly 👇

Have a look at the useful document bellow comparing the most common systems. Their compatible structure helps a lot.

Download PDF • 565KB

Just asking WHY:

👉 to have separete policy for quality and f.e. anti-bribery

👉 don´t have one risk matrix instead of 2-3

❓What else we shoul add?

❓Do you have any other idea what to integrate?

Thanks for your comments!

This post is inspired by the pool I made last month, 47% of respondents votes that they have more policies (quality, environment, healthandsafety…) in separate documents.


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Thank you Veronika Soukupová,

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