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The companies S-cope and Matricaria Chamomilla sro, represented by executives and owners Veronika Soukupová and Dagmar Matějková Chudárková, have agreed to cooperate!

What does this cooperation bring?


Management systems are all, without exception, made up of people. HR processes are one of the basic building blocks. It was therefore obvious to agree on cooperation, in which there is synergy and the opportunity to use experience in the field of human resources management in the implementation of management systems according to ISO standards.

We provide our services in English, German and, of course, also in Czech and Slovak.


How can we imagine this in practice?


Veronika: The goal of S-cope is to help organizations set up functional systems that benefit them in the form of resource savings and a more comfortable way of managing. However, I often encounter in the initial stages of the project that the HR strategy settings are missing and the processes are not set optimally. With the help of Dagmar and her rich experience in the field of HRM, I can offer customers treatment in this area, which will benefit not only the project and the system, but especially the client.

Dagmar: My company deals with setting up, optimizing and digitizing processes in HR. HR Audit is part of assessing what processes need to be improved or set up. Of course, ISO standards are needed for many companies that are trying to win, for example, a government contract or participate in an interesting tender. And usually it all starts with people. From the division of responsibilities through the organizational structure, to Outplacement. ISO standards are often an indicator of a successful company and bring a significant competitive advantage for our clients.


Why did you two decide to work together?


Veronika: I met Dagmar at the networking event of Tomáš Řezníček ( ), but I have been following her posts on the professional LinkedIn network for some time before. I was also interested in their content and Dagmar as a person, and I was grateful for the opportunity to meet on a personal level. It looked like mutual sympathy, and that's why we were looking for a way to cooperate within our profession, which I don't think was that complicated -)

Dagmar: Veronika and I "fell in love" with Tomáš and we were considering what to come up with. ISO standards have accompanied me for many years and since I am a very structured person (this is not entirely common in HR), working with Veronika was, of course, very easy and interesting for me, both from a professional point of view and, of course, from a human point of view.


What unites you?


Veronika: Dagmar is a factual, structured and systematic person with a professional approach. I easily identify with her views and appreciate them when meetings are rewarding, inspiring. I like to surround myself with such people both in private and at work. Dagmar is like that, so I know that the cooperation will be not only beneficial, but also pleasant.

Dagmar: Veronika mentioned it above, yes, I perceive Veronika very much as she perceives me. And I enjoy it! In our country, it is not much about "nonsense", but more about expertise and knowledge. And of course I also like Veronika as a person, a working mother and an athlete. That unites us both. And let's not forget - we both have a good dentist.

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