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Food safety management



Identification, control and management of food safety hazards. It assures safe food production and provides costumer confidence in the product. ISO 22000 is combined with ISO management standard – ISO 9001, HACCP principles and Good Manufacturing Principles. In general, standard establishes requirements for organizations in the food chain, “farm to fork”. ISO 22000 provides a layer of reassurance within the global food supply chain, helping products cross borders and bringing people food that they can trust.

The structure of the standard is comparable to the standard  ISO 9001 .

Emphasis is placed primarily on the system side, on the principles  HACCP  and supportive safety measures such as good operating practice (GMP), good agricultural practice (GAP), good veterinary practice (GVP), good hygiene practice (GHP), good distribution practice (GDP), good sanitation practice (GSP), etc. .

  • International recognized standard;

  • Increased trust of consumers;

  • Increased trust of any interested sides;

  • Safe food production;

  • Elimination and control of hazards;

  • Minimizes the experience of low-quality and health risk foods;

  • Established documented guidelines for whole organization;

  • Established documented management system;

  • Continual improvement of business;

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